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Got Stress? (It Doesn’t Do a Body Good But There are Ways To Resolve It)


Do you feel like your blood pressure is rising?  Maybe you can’t sleep, or you experience road rage (if you are in Austin, surely you experience road rage) or your stomach is tied in knots or maybe you just feel exhausted and worn out and frizzled.  Maybe you’re always on the verge of tears.  Maybe you have ringing in your ears and floaters in your vision.  It could be that you are self-soothing with food or other things that aren’t really helping your cause.  Stress can be caused by a lot of things and exacerbated by many more.  But if you are feeling the effects of stress in your daily life, as so many are right now, then why not take steps to feel better?  Some stress is good stress, sure.  But toxic stress can leave you completely burned out and unwell.  Chronic stress results in wear and tear on the body, mind, and spirit.

No sense in waiting until anxiety or frustration or grief or feeling overwhelmed permanently wrecks your health.

No sense in falling into a state of despair, either.  There are ways to manage, relieve, and eventually bypass chronic or toxic stress if you’re willing to engage in meaningful self care strategies.  I can help you with your stress and its effects.  As a practitioner, it is my goal to help you achieve a steady state of relaxation that you can access both in session and on your own time.  You do not need to let toxic or chronic stress rob you of joy, ease, and wellbeing.




Whatever your stress presentation looks like, my number one goal is to help you feel soothed from the root cause of it on upward so that you can manage your stress in a healthy way.  

With in-office acupuncture and/or bodywork sessions and the magic of traditional Chinese medicine, you can sleep better… feel calmer… end the jaw pain that comes from clenching your teeth… achieve better digestion and a greater sense of balance and peace… and more.  Just picture it.  You may not be able to change your life right now (and if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure you should be sure to let your MD sort it out for you) but you certainly can change your reactions to things.  You can retrain your fight or flight response not to be hyper-reactive.  You can walk out of your treatment session with a relaxed face, a calm stomach, and a whole new attitude because you feel marvelous.

What else?  Well, you are capable of experiencing total relaxation that lasts beyond the treatment session.  Have you considered holistic wellness coaching that enables you to access the inner tools that you already possess but aren’t using yet?  It truly is within you to take good care of yourself.  By gaining greater self-awareness and by creating strategies that respond to your unique needs, you most certainly can access the inner self discipline to maintain balance, productivity, and joy.


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A more even keel is within reach if you choose to extend yourself towards it.  Through either hands-on traditional Chinese therapeutics or with holistic health and wellness coaching (or both), you are able to discover the resources you already have within you but have kept buried.  You are your own source of strength, calm, and wellness and yet something stands between you and that healthy and strong state you deserve and desire.

Let’s fix that, shall we?




ProfessionalPortraitPaula Bruno, Ph.D., L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, an AOBTA-CP traditional Chinese bodywork therapist, and a wellness educator.  She maintains an active and growing practice at her Austin, TX offices.  Dr. Bruno is also available for distance appointments for wellness consultation or coaching.

In her first career, she was a Spanish professor.

Dr. Bruno’s specialties as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner include: • Musculoskeletal health (acute or chronic pain relief; Ehlers Danlos syndrome  & hypermobility support) • Digestive support, gut health, and weight loss • Aesthetic treatment, including scar revision • Men’s health • General preventative care and immune support for all persons.

When you are ready to discover what traditional medicine plus a vibrant and engaged approach to holistic health can do for you, either contact Dr. Bruno or book an appointment online.



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