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Skin Problems: From Acne to Aging (and Lot in Between), What Can You Do?


You want beautiful skin.  Instead, you have rough spots, darkened areas, wrinkles, rashes, and/or a soft jawline. Maybe you have a scar or stretch marks.  Whatever you have going on, it is most certainly not what you want for your skin.  Man or woman, we all want to look our best and something on your outer layer is impeding that for you.

I can do something about that for you.  Skincare has been one of my favorite topics since I first heard of acupuncture for facial rejuvenation purposes.  I don’t want to have a turkey neck.  The lines across my forehead don’t bug me–they’ve been there since I was in my twenties because I, quite frankly, go through life with my eyebrows raised in fascination and interest.  If I had a smooth forehead I would not look like me and it wouldn’t last long.  But a lot of people hate those lines on themselves and want to get rid of them.  And if you want to get rid of your mushy jawline, I’m right there with you.  If you have a scar that you hate or you’re worried about looking “old” and tired or you want to look great for your wedding photographs….keep reading.  I can do something about all of that.


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If you’ve kept up with my blog you know that I write a LOT about traditional Chinese medicine for aesthetics and anti-aging.  Some people think that this is a frivolous practice.  I say no way.  From pure aesthetics to more serious dermatology, my dream is to become a noted skin-care super specialist.  While still in school, I developed and perfected a proprietary signature no-needle treatment and became exceptionally good at, among other things, erasing scars and stretch marks and fixing jawlines.  During my dedicated internship (a whole term with my own room under the direct supervision of Dr. Jamie Wu, who teaches a classical traditional Chinese medicine approach to aesthetic treatment) I became exceedingly good at threading deep lines.  I have had wonderful results with dark spots and creeping moles (for that, I require the ok of your dermatologist just to make sure it’s not skin cancer).

Long story short?  If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural, holistic, and seriously efficacious skincare practices you really need to try traditional Chinese medicine.


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When you want to experience holistic, natural facial and skincare, come see me.  If you want to learn what genuinely remarkable aesthetic work can be done (with or without acupuncture needles), do try traditional Chinese medicine.  With needles or without, you will be astonished.  I have a lot of training and a genuine passion for skincare, aesthetics, and dermatology.  You want to look great and I want to make you look great.  It’s a win-win!

Can you see yourself without acne?  Do you look in the mirror and picture yourself with a firm jawline?  Touch your face and imagine how it would feel if it were smooth and vibrant.  Look at your scars and imagine them just a vague trace of a memory.  This is all possible with traditional Chinese medicine.

Want to learn more?





Two Hearts Wellness is a local holistic health and wellness outfit with a passion for all things nourishing, including but not limited to: joyful living, great food, art, and literature, and–of course–traditional Chinese medicine.  If you want to learn more about me, click here and do feel free to follow my blog and/or my Instagram, connect with me on Facebook, or contact me here to set up an appointment for health coaching services.  If you are interested in acupuncture, herbs, and/or Asian bodywork therapy, click here to book an appointment online.

Acupuncture is great for you but if you’re nervous about needles there are certainly other options.  Have you ever thought to try traditional Chinese bodywork? In addition to acupuncture, I offer tui na (similar to massage) and other ancient Chinese therapies, including cupping, gua sha, moxa, and more.  If you are looking for a holistic wellness consultant and coach, my services can entail short or longer term programs.  You are your own best investment, and when you take charge of your wellbeing you invest in yourself now and for the benefit of your future.

Note: Material on this web site is not intended to replace your treatment or care provided by an MD. It is for educational/entertainment purposes only. A TCM practitioner in Texas identifies syndrome patterns but does not diagnose illness.  Always consult your primary care doctor for health concerns.




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