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Find A Tui Na Practitioner: How To Find The Best Traditional Chinese Bodywork Therapist For What You Want To Accomplish

~~~~~ Tui na really is a bit of a secret treasure in Austin, Texas where I am.  I notice, though, that when I recommend it to…


Find A Health Coach: How To Find The Best Coach For What You Want To Accomplish

~~~~~ Do you want to improve the quality of your health? Lose some weight?  Gain energy?  Be more in tune with yourself and what you, personally,…


Valentine’s Day Approaches: A Health Coach’s Guide To Loving Yourself

~~~~~ Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you either love or hate.  If you’re in love, a romantic, and in sync with your partner,…


Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Resources In Traditional Chinese Medicine And Modern Health Coaching

~~~~~ Ehlers-Danlos is a complicated matter, as anyone who has experience (either lived or by proxy) understands. It’s not a cookie cutter issue.  There is no…


Happy Feet: What Tui Na Can Do For Your Aching Soles

~~~~~ Your feet are complicated creatures and when they hurt…well, have you ever heard the term “my dogs are barking”?  That idiom, which I will explain…