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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Reclaim Your Body, Become Your Own Best Advocate


One of the more interesting things that I remember from student clinic was hearing about what different interns attracted into their treatment rooms.  Some of my friends got all the infertility cases.  Other folks saw one chemo recovery patient after the next.  Still others saw the allergy cases.  And me?  I had my regular conditions that I saw again and again too.  For me, maybe because I began studying traditional Chinese bodywork (tui na, or Chinese medical massage) very early on in my program, I always attracted the musculoskeletal cases.  One particular manifestation of those cases will stay with me for my entire professional career, and that would be my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patients.  (If you’re reading this, I assume you already know what this is; for further information, check here).  The more people I saw with EDS the more I developed a genuine love for the opportunity to work with this population.

Are you one of the many who live with this condition?  Then you already know that you are incredibly unique.  What’s going on with your body, mind, and spirit is completely different than the person next to you, even if you are both sitting in the waiting room at your geneticist’s for the same reason.  The only overlap is probably going to be pain, shared experience with things like frequent dislocation or subluxation of joints, and anxiety or other emotions associated with the challenges you face.  You heard those hoofbeats and you know it’s a zebra.  Each zebra has its own pattern and so do you.

My mission? I want to be part of your wellness team.  My healing gift is in the realm of traditional Chinese medicine and I want to contribute research and scholarship to support what we can do for you from this field.  Along the way, I want to be a source of pain relief, education, and empowerment for you.  


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What, you wonder, can I do for you?  Well, traditional Chinese medicine does have some answers for you (for a recap on the Hypermobility Syndromes Association web site, see here).  From the perspective of bodywork and/or acupuncture, I can help you with pain and anxiety. And, though this is an incurable condition, it is possible to strengthen the healthier areas and soothe the spots that need extra care.  I am a gentle practitioner with a fine sense of the client’s threshold and I am especially gifted with patience and the capacity for detail work.  As such, I am a great source of pain relief for you if you are a member of this unique and special needs population.  I can also help you with gut health, skin care, and/or sleep issues.

I ask all of my patients to sign a waiver that allows me to write a case study report about their unique presentation (of course, the patient is free to decline, although my experience thus far is that everyone gladly signs on for this endeavor).  Eventually, I want to write a book or two about traditional Chinese medicine and health care for zebras.  There is so much that Chinese medicine can do for you if you are of this community!



Screenshot: Joey took his training in China and I was truly honored by his review of my work


What else can I do for you?  Lots! I am a former professor and my scholarly focus was national trauma and how it filtered through literature and art.  With twenty-plus years of research knowledge and nearly two decades’ worth of teaching experience, I can help you in many ways beneath the umbrella of my health coaching services.  Do you want to reframe aspects of your knowledge base?  Do you want to research anything from scientific advances to humanities scholarship on the subject of the body and its vagaries?  Would you like to have support as you advocate for yourself or for a family member?  Each one of you who is reading now will have different human concerns from where you sit; anybody who is not a medical professional can make use of a dedicated scholar who can help them to make sense of the available research and resources.  Either short or longer term health coaching can make a great difference in how you conceptualize and navigate your circumstances.  Want to know more?  Make an appointment and let’s discuss your unique case.


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Either as a TCM practitioner or a health coach, I expect that I am here to be part of your health care team that is already in place.  Depending on your presentation, you may have a GP plus a geneticist and a rheumatologist and/or a cardiologist.  These are professionals you trust and rely on for your primary care plan.  If you’d like to have an additional resource for pain, anxiety, and/or better living in general (plus, if you give me permission I will write a case study report that will contribute to existing knowledge bases), then do contact me.  I’ve had excellent results so far and I am continuously progressing in my knowledge and experience.

I am confident when I say that I have much to offer you in your quest to reclaim your body, to become your own best advocate, and to live your best life possible.





Two Hearts Wellness is a local holistic health and wellness outfit with a passion for all things nourishing, including but not limited to: joyful living, great food, art, and literature, and–of course–traditional Chinese medicine.  If you want to learn more about me, click here and do feel free to follow my blog and/or my Instagram, connect with me on Facebook, or contact me here to set up an appointment for health coaching services.  If you are interested in acupuncture, herbs, and/or Asian bodywork therapy, click here to book an appointment online.

Acupuncture is great for you but if you’re nervous about needles there are certainly other options.  Have you ever thought to try traditional Chinese bodywork? In addition to acupuncture, I offer tui na (similar to massage) and other ancient Chinese therapies, including cupping, gua sha, moxa, and more.  If you are looking for a holistic wellness consultant and coach, my services can entail short or longer term programs.  You are your own best investment, and when you take charge of your wellbeing you invest in yourself now and for the benefit of your future.

Note: Material on this web site is not intended to replace your treatment or care provided by an MD. It is for educational/entertainment purposes only. A TCM practitioner in Texas identifies syndrome patterns but does not diagnose illness.  Always consult your primary care doctor for health concerns.


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