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The Hill Country Ride for AIDS: Traditional Chinese Bodywork For Cyclists

~~~~~ The 2018 Hill Country Ride for AIDS is going to be one of the highlights of your year, I just know it.  The camaraderie…the sense…


Tui Na in Service: Traditional Chinese Bodywork Therapy and Hurricane Harvey

~~~~~ Walking out of the parking lot adjacent to the Austin Convention Center with my wheelie bag in tow was an eye-opener.  The sun was shining…


Taking Care After a Disaster: What to Do and Ways to Recover

~~~~~ Recovering from a natural disaster is a long haul.  Sitting here in Austin, Texas while the rain is pouring down and the photographs of Houston…


Hill Country Ride for AIDS 2016: Dolly Parton and The Iron Thumb of Doom

~~~~~ The 2016 Hill Country Ride for AIDS took place April 30th this year.  This was my first time participating in this event and no, I…


Spartan Race 2016: There’s a First Time for Everything

~~~~~ Spartan Race 2016…and acupuncture?  Together? Yes, that’s right!  And just like the teams who were out there in the field, the student interns at my…