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A Musician’s Guide to Health and Wellness the Traditional Chinese Way: Taking Care of Yourself for the Long Haul With Tui Na

Musical artists, do you know where your health is or, if not, how you can find it, keep it, and nourish it?  Did you know that traditional Chinese medicine, especially bodywork such as tui na, can work wonders for you on many levels?  


Anthropologie Bags and Doorknobs: When One Closes, Another Opens (On Embracing Change and Finding New Spaces)

Of the many beauties associated with Chinese medicine (and, as I ponder it, Renaissance Florence but I digress), one that resonates greatly with me at this time is its attitude towards change.  Chinese medicine is based on a foundation of harmony and theories regarding yin-yang balance.  Not too much of one or too little of the other but, rather, right balance between yin and yang; these are, naturally, mutually interdependent and constantly shifting and resettling and then shifting once again.  Being as inert as as a turnip carved from stone is not healthy in the Chinese view; such a state is, instead, one of stasis or blockage. […] If you could tell your future self something encouraging about change, what is it that you would say?

Holiday Stress and Staying Sane: Tactics, Strategy, Sass, and Flair

I have some ambivalent feelings surrounding the holiday season. What about you? Do you find holiday season stressful and exhausting, or do you enjoy the eight weeks or so of celebration that start in early November and culminate on New Year’s Eve?

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, here are some thoughtful tactics to help you plan your stay-sane strategy as you navigate the holiday season with flair…