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You may not necessarily want to work full-time with a trainer, or you’re not entirely sure what is the best yoga course for you.  I can help! If you’re not sure how to construct a mind-body wellness program that works for you, then short-term, task-specific training and consultation may be just what you need.  You may want to lose fat and gain muscle as you achieve greater levels of functional fitness.  It could be that you need a program that is just right for you and your busy schedule, one that includes not just fitness but also yoga for stress reduction.  Maybe you need to relax and lean into ease; with yoga and meditation, I can help you to find flexibility in areas that need to loosen up and just be. Depending on your unique needs, I can just as easily create a mind-body wellness program for you that emphasizes either fitness, yoga, or a combination of both.  If you can’t decide whether you need a trainer or a coach, this blog post may help you decide (or just contact me and I’d be happy to speak with you).

Options include: $85.00 an hour/flat rate.  For optimal programming, three to six sessions are best (consultation, planning, and follow-up).  (Note: couples or small group rates are negotiable and I am available for health-related seminar talks and corporate wellness consultations.  Call me for details at 1 (512) 222-8477)



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The journey can be fun, enjoyable, & creative…call me to find out how!

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