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Health Coaching: Would you like to visualize and create a clear picture of what your best version of health is and then figure out what is between you and that ideal?  Do  you want to overcome challenges and achieve your very best version of optimal health?  Realistically, sanely, and by finding and following an intelligent strategy?  (If you want to discover more about how my coaching philosophy can benefit you, do explore my blog, starting with the linked article, here).

Health coaching: individual programs, small groups, and/or seminars

My health coaching service focuses on support, planning, and the development of your very own wonderful journey of self-discovery.  Your 30-day program includes four hour-long meetings (in-person or via phone or Skype), email support, and a smart, workable, and thought-provoking program designed just for you.  The three and six months programs include the same weekly meetings as the 30-day program (in-person or via phone or FaceTime) with greater email and phone access, and an evolving wellness plan that responds directly to your health advances.

Coaching plus in-office traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment is available.


Want to learn more?  It is important for you to feel good about your investment in a health coach.  You are worth it, and you do want to know what you are getting into when you contract for this service.  Take a look, then, at some of my blog posts on the subject:

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Any other questions?  Do feel welcome to reach out for your free consultation, and do explore my blog.  I add new articles several times a month and do so in the hopes of providing you with a memorable and enjoyable experience when you visit this web site.


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Note: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Last-minute cancellations will require full payment (with no refund in the case of last-minute cancellation) at time of booking. No shows will be charged the full service rate.

Refund policy for coaching: If the client does not wish to complete the coaching package or program, a refund minus a $75 administration fee for the full price (not discounted package price) of each coaching session not previously used will be issued upon written request.  Please note that refunds may take up to 30 days to process.  All unused sessions expire 12 months after initial payment and are not refundable after expiration.

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