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Health Coaching: Do you want to lose weight?  Are you tired of having aching shoulders or poor digestion or a sense of just not feeling good on some deep level?  Would you like to visualize and create a clear picture of what your best version of health is and then figure out what is between you and that ideal?  Do  you want to overcome challenges and achieve your very best version of optimal health?  Realistically, sanely, and by finding and following an intelligent strategy?

Introductory consultation – free

If you’ve never met with a health coach, are not sure what you’d like out of a fitness program, or you aren’t yet clear on your goals, the introductory consultation is the opportunity to ask your questions.  We’ll figure out if we’re a good fit and go from there.  (30 minutes, either by phone or in person).

Health coaching: individual programs, small groups, and/or seminars

My health coaching service focuses on support, planning, and the development of your very own wonderful journey of self-discovery.  Your 30-day program includes four hour-long meetings (in-person or via phone or Skype), email support, and a smart, workable, and thought-provoking program designed just for you.  The three and six-months programs include the same weekly meetings as the 30-day program (in-person or via phone or Skype) with greater email and phone access, and an evolving wellness plan that responds directly to your health and fitness advances.

Options include: 30-day program – $375; 3-month program – $1085; 6-month program $2100 (Note: I am also available to lead seminars and/or give lunch talks and other presentations.  Call me for details at 1 (512) 222-8477)


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