Spartan Race 2016: There’s a First Time for Everything

~~~~~ Spartan Race 2016…and acupuncture?  Together? Yes, that’s right!  And just like the teams who were out there in the field, the student interns at my school came together as unit to provide an outstanding introduction to Chinese medicine for anyone who wanted to give it a try.  At the recent Spartan Race just outside … Continue reading Spartan Race 2016: There’s a First Time for Everything

Tecolote Farm: A Conversation about Community, Owls, and Sorrel


If you ponder it, we are truly fortunate here in Austin because there is a wealth of options for organic produce and a thriving array of community-supported agriculture operations. But with many options comes the vexing need to make choices. So how do you decide which farm to follow and what happens once you choose one?

As for me…I had a neighbor, Rowan, who subscribed to the CSA and the sight of her weekly basket made me a convert. It has been three years now and I joyfully renew each season. The vegetables are that good and—just as important—it feels to me like there is a real relationship and community when I’m part of this CSA.  Plus, I’m a health coach, an Asian bodywork therapist (Chinese tui na-style), and a personal trainer.  Of course I’m going to be all about the organic vegetables!

We all have our Tecolote Farm stories, don’t we?

What caught my eye first was the beauty of the basket and its contents each week. cucumber melons SV 8-2012What made me stay are the connections I’ve made with Tecolote, with my hub pick-up friends, and with other subscribers. There really is a sense of community that is part and parcel of this particular CSA operation. And recently, I reached out to Katie and asked her some Continue reading “Tecolote Farm: A Conversation about Community, Owls, and Sorrel”

Sweet: Two Hearts Wellness talks with Two Hives Honey

~~~~~ The tagline “Holistic Wellness in Austin, TX” is deliberately a little vague and open-ended. What I want to achieve with my health coaching, Asian bodywork, and traditional Chinese medicine practice is wide ranging. One size most certainly does not fit all when it comes to health and wellness. A constant for me, though, is … Continue reading Sweet: Two Hearts Wellness talks with Two Hives Honey

Bodies: Exploration, History, Text, and Photograph

*** Just like anything else, notions related to the body bear repeated viewings and engagement from different perspectives. Unthinkingly, we get up in the morning and notice (or not) aches or stiffness. Maybe we feel beautiful, or perhaps we hear a chorus of internal criticisms that stem from messages about weight and age and ability … Continue reading Bodies: Exploration, History, Text, and Photograph

What is Tui Na?

  ~~~~ For most people in the West, acupuncture treatment with needles is probably Chinese medicine’s most well-known and widely practiced export. A less widely familiar traditional Chinese healing modality is tui na (“pushing” and “grasping”, respectively). This is a manual therapy that is, at first glance, akin to massage. But to categorize this art … Continue reading What is Tui Na?