Holistic Wellness in Austin, TX

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


Finding a Chinese medicine practitioner in Austin can be difficult because we have such an incredible wealth of local options. There is truly someone for everyone and some healing modality for every condition right here in Austin. On this page, we present to you our two most-loved practitioners plus a short list of other options that are respected in the integrative medicine community. 

Naturally, you can always book an appointment with me:




Otherwise, the local practitioners I refer to include:


Dr. Fan is a beloved teacher at AOMA and his background is in orthopedic traumatic injury. He was my Tui Na (Chinese massage/Asian Bodywork) teacher and he instilled in me a love for this modality that I will retain for life.  Dr. Fan has treated me for chronic pain due to a blunt-force trauma scar on my left hip and a scar from a torn adductor on the right leg. Until Dr. Fan’s treatment, I was told that there was nothing to do about my scars other than to follow a pain management plan. Thanks to Dr. Fan, not do I only have an inspiring teacher (I want to be just like him when I have my own practice), but I am also no longer in pain. In addition, Dr. Fan has treated me for routine health issues like earaches and stomach problems. Dr. Fan is a treasure!



 Dr. Wu is another beloved teacher at AOMA and many of his students also go to his clinic. My first year of study was fraught—it was all so different from literature studies! —and my anxiety level was high. Dr. Wu treated me and kept me healthy that first tough year. My best friend from my first graduate program came to visit at that time and, due to stomach problems, had lost a frightening amount of weight. After just one treatment with Dr. Wu, we went to Uchi that evening and enjoyed a large dinner. Her stomach felt great! Ask her about it and she says, “Dr. Wu changed my life.” When she talks about coming to Austin it’s not just to see me—for my dear friend and sister-in-my-heart, a trip to Austin is no longer complete without an appointment to see Dr. Wu.



Lauren St. Pierre-Mehrens is the sole proprietor of Earthspring Acupuncture.  She maintains a solid general practice that treats a wide range of patient types and needs.  Lauren is also a beloved and active practitioner in fertility acupuncture circles.  Another one of her specialties relates to beauty and health nurturance, so she offers Mei Zen treatments for facial, neck, and abdominal rejuvenation.  I know from having treatments with her that she is caring, thorough, and knowledgable.  On Sundays (all day) and Mondays (after 3:00 p.m.) I operate as an independent contractor in her office and most of my Asian bodywork therapy treatments take place there so I can say for sure that Earthspring is a comfortable, cosy place to be, too!  I am always happy to refer my bodywork patients to Lauren when their needs are beyond my scope of practice.  She’s a gem!



~~Other outstanding options~~

AOMA student clinics: The students are carefully supervised and very well supported during clinical internship and the price point–$30.00 per treatment–makes this an accessible service for the community.





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