Bodies: Exploration, History, Text, and Photograph

*** Just like anything else, notions related to the body bear repeated viewings and engagement from different perspectives. Unthinkingly, we get up in the morning and notice (or not) aches or stiffness. Maybe we feel beautiful, or perhaps we hear a chorus of internal criticisms that stem from messages about weight and age and ability … Continue reading Bodies: Exploration, History, Text, and Photograph

What is Tui Na?

  ~~~~ For most people in the West, acupuncture treatment with needles is probably Chinese medicine’s most well-known and widely practiced export. A less widely familiar traditional Chinese healing modality is tui na (“pushing” and “grasping”, respectively). This is a manual therapy that is, at first glance, akin to massage. But to categorize this art … Continue reading What is Tui Na?