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You know that stress is the root cause of the number one reason for death in men. Maybe your partner or your doctor nags you about your blood pressure or your waistline.  You find that you’re having a difficult time managing your emotions.  You are in your mid to late thirties and you’re noticing that you are not achieving erections as easily as you used to, or you’re older and erectile dysfunction is occurring more and more often.  You don’t especially enjoy speaking about your health concerns but you know it’s time to start.

I treat:

  • Stress and side effects (high blood pressure; insomnia; gut health);
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Sports injury and occupational pain.

You can be a calmer, healthier man.  You can sleep better, you can lower your blood pressure and stress levels, and you are able start to heal your gut and possibly lose some weight in the bargain.  It is definitely possible to address erectile dysfunction without embarrassment or shame so that you can enjoy a robust sex life.  Your sports injuries and desk duty-related chronic pains can be remedied.  It is within your power to become a vibrant, healthy man who enjoys life once again.

Let’s get started.  At your new patient appointment, let’s discuss your goals and set a plan for you.  Depending on your condition and concerns, a package will likely be your best option and we can discuss that at your initial visit.

Why wait?




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