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Scars & Stretch Marks Packages

What about those scars?  Or are you self-conscious about your stretch marks?  It really bothers you to go to the pool or to look at the memory of an old wound etched onto your skin.  Scars and stretch marks are part of life, but if they really bug you then it’s easy to let your reaction to them become an obsession.  And if your problem is a scar, it could be that it itches, hurts, or pulls you into a compensatory pattern that causes you even worse problems than the original problem.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  I can help you with your scars and I may be able to help you with your stretch marks.  Both of these types of skin variation are challenging to fix and dependent on several factors.

I need to see the scar or stretch mark before I give you a definitive answer.  Make your first appointment a “new dermatology patient” session and we can go from there.  Generally, with stretch marks, it depends on size of area and what your overall skin condition is like.  Lightening stretch marks and smoothing skin can take some time, so maybe the 8 or 12 treatments.  With scars, again–it really depends.  I can usually get rid of a scar in four to six treatments but each scar is different.  I need to see you first and I will honestly tell you what you can expect after your first treatment. Prices are determined depending on complexity of need. Packages include:

  • Customized herbal treatment
  • Acupuncture and other healing modalities as indicated

6 treatments: Initial new patient appointment + five treatments  + additional resources.

8 treatments: Same as above + increased access.

12 treatments:  Same as above + increased access + additional wellness services and an evolving program in response to your needs.

Please note: herbal prescriptions are not included in the package price and incur a separate charge.

Here is a blog post on how I can work on your scars; as to whether or not you should try to remove them is here.  For a nice post on ways to smooth your skin that tend to show up in a stretch mark treatment, see here.




Client Intake Form – Asian bodywork therapy

Before your first appointment: Save time by downloading & filling out your intake form.

Note: Both of the intake forms contain useful information.  The first is for bodywork therapy and the second is general.  Please fill out both if you are coming for bodywork only (no acupuncture).  If you are coming for acupuncture, herbs, or health coaching, please fill out only the second set of forms.



I enjoy treating scars because it really makes people happy.


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