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Facial Rejuvenation Packages

Do you have wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, and/or a mushy jawline? Do you feel distressed by what time is doing to your face and neck but you really, really are not interested in fillers, injectables, or cosmetic surgery?  You feel invisible, not as beautiful, faded.  You know you have potential to be vibrant and lovely and perfect just as you are if you only had a holistic and natural way to do it.  You want to look great but you also want to look natural… there’s nothing wrong we aging, and if we’re lucky that’s what we all do. But no sense in not looking your best, right?

Let me help you.  I have substantial experience in facial rejuvenation treatments, both the acupuncture kind and my own signature no-needle treatment that I developed while I was still in my program and starting my business with the traditional Chinese bodywork services still offered now.

For effective facial rejuvenation, the normal course of treatment is ten appointments. You will come twice a week for five weeks and that should make your skin become the best it can be.  With additional services, your overall outcome can be that much more striking.  I’ll be happy to speak with you about your options, but for now, I have three types of cosmetic packages.

  • Event preparation: Be it a wedding, to prepare for a portrait photography appointment, or a job interview, a high school reunion– 4 treatments
  • Standard 10 treatments, acupuncture only
  • Standard 10 treatments, no-needle or no-needle + acupuncture

All treatment packages include a new patient aesthetic treatment appointment plus the hour-long subsequent treatments (price varies, depending on needs); when paid for at once, the package prices include a courtesy discount of 10%.

Do take a look around my blog for a series of posts on facial rejuvenation.  One that might help you to decide whether you want needle or no-needle treatment is here; a widely-read and useful discussion of no-needle treatments is here.

I genuinely love doing facial rejuvenation treatments and think you will love receiving them.  Men and women alike want to look their best at all ages.  Do come see me if you want to do so via holistic and natural methods.




Client Intake Form – Asian bodywork therapy

Before your first appointment: Save time by downloading & filling out your intake form.

Note: Both of the intake forms contain useful information.  The first is for bodywork therapy and the second is general.  Please fill out both if you are coming for bodywork only (no acupuncture).  If you are coming for acupuncture, herbs, or health coaching, please fill out only the second set of forms.


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Facial rejuvenation treatments are marvelous!


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