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Men’s Health: Focus, Strength, Vitality

You really don’t want to get into your feelings and you’d rather not talk about your concerns regarding stress, aging, potency, and lowered vitality.  But maybe your blood pressure is too high or you can’t achieve or maintain an erection.  Your sleep is poor or digestion is causing you trouble.  You want to feel like a vibrant and younger man.  You want to be at peace with your emotional state.  You don’t want to be stressed or angry or lacking in focus and vigor.  But here you are.

And here I am.  If you want to, check my blog post on the subject of men’s health and why it is such a dear topic of mine (here).  If you’re a TLDR guy, let me just say that I have a lot of experience working with men and their concerns.  I’m not uncomfortable with ED and you shouldn’t be either.  I’m not here to make you delve deeply into your emotions (unless that’s your goal).  Instead, I get it that you need to do something about your concerns.  So let’s make some shifts in your lifestyle and mindset.  Find ways for you to take a little better care of yourself.  Point you in the direction of vibrant health.  It is a great time to think about setting up a specific, tailored-to-you wellness package.  Whatever your goal is, be it to resolve ED and enjoy a return to vigor in the bedroom, be it greater focus in your workplace, or be it to enhance your overall sense of strength and wellness (or a combination of all of this), a detailed assessment followed by a personalized plan can make all the difference for you.  Prices are determined depending on complexity of need.

First step? Make your New Patient appointment and let’s talk.  Please contact me and I’ll send you some extra paperwork to fill out before we meet.  Packages include:

  • 30-day quick start: Detailed intake + 4 treatments (=5 total treatments) + stress management strategizing & wellness programming + additional resource.
  • 90-day lifestyle makeover: Detailed intake + 8 treatments + 4 coaching appointments (=13 total treatments) + stress management strategizing & wellness programming + additional resources.
  • 6-month complete self-renewal package: Detailed intake + 14 treatments + 10 coaching appointments (=26 total treatments)+ stress management strategizing & wellness programming + additional resources.

You deserve a happy and fulfilling life, and by taking care of your health in a holistic way–mind and body–you can achieve this.  Find a renewed sense of focus, strength, and vitality no matter your age or condition.  It is possible for you!




Before your first appointment: Save time by downloading & filling out your intake form.



No really, it’s true.  You are your own gym.


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