Holistic Wellness in Austin, TX

What We Love


Finding a great personal trainer, yoga teacher, farmer’s market,

Chinese medicine physician,

the perfect book store, a manicurist, the esthetician of your


a lingerie shop you love, a boot store, an Asian bodywork or massage therapist

is tough in Austin…

there are

  so many gifted people here and there are so many choices…


When I was in my practice management class, which was taught by the wonderful Meera Hoffman of Austin Chair Massage, we were all asked us to describe our vision for our businesses.  I said that I wanted to be the Nigella Lawson of fitness/wellness and holistic health (but without the icky ex-husband).  To this day, I remain true to my vision!  Health and wellness comes in many forms and it’s more than just kale and a strict regimen of exercise and self-denial.

Two Hearts Wellness™ is in business to bring joy and health and balance to your life. And a balanced life is not just about fitness and yoga and bodywork. It’s great food, fun stores, a treatment by your favorite Chinese medicine physician that changes your life for the better. It’s friends and family (biological or self-made) and getting smarter and happier and in possession of an expanded awareness.  It’s your CSA basket.  It’s a walk on the greenbelt or a good long nap when it’s cold outside.  The list is endless, isn’t it?

This page is a way to share some thoughts on a few of my favorite people, places, and local businesses here in fabulous Austin, Texas.  (Click on the links for expanded commentary)


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


Featured practitioners:

Dr. Fan

Dr. Wu

Lauren St. Pierre-Mehrens


Integrative Health and Wellness Treatments


Dr. Joel Cone

Dr. Julie Reardon

Meera Hoffman


Local Businesses


Heritage Boot

Heather Gordon Spa

Two Hives Honey

Tecolote Farm

Pure Nails


Outstanding Online


Spartan Race

Women’s Bean Project

Hylete athletic wear

Homesick Texan

The Badger’s Sett

FEED Projects

L.G. Tumbledown





Humanitarian Causes Close To My Heart








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