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Pain Free Performing Artists

You are a performing artist and you use your body in repetitive ways. You practice and hold your instrument at a particular slant.  You absolutely must have nimble fingers.  You may have some stage fright but the high of performing is amazing (and the crash the next day plus the physical wear and tear are exhausting). Your body hurts.  Worse, maybe, your hands hurt.  Your back hurts when you assume your position or your hips ache when you move.  It could be that you have repetitive stress injury.  It could be that you are manifesting the echoes of old injuries and emotional wounds.  Whatever it is, you can’t let it continue.  No way.  You need your body to create your magic and you absolutely need your mind to be sharp and creative.  You may be adamantly opposed to acupuncture because you’ve heard a story or two about a famous musician who was injured.  But physical therapy isn’t helping and you don’t know what to do.

Come see me! I love working on hands and I genuinely adore working on the hands of musicians.  I can also do wonders for your back, hips, and feet.  Given that I am a former literature professor, I am familiar with performance (teaching is a performance) and I am able to discuss ways of healing with you that include references to literature and art.  As a graduate student in Italian literature (my first master’s degree), I taught language to a large number of opera students and on occasion went to watch their practices and helped them with subject comprehension.  If you’re a singer, I also know how to help you now with ways to keep your rib cage healthy and your chest and abdomen strong.  As a TCM practitioner, I’ve most recently worked with violinists, viola players, and a guitarist who also also plays the upright bass in a local band.  I’ve worked with retired ballet dancers too.  A performance artist has very particular needs and I have the experience to meet them.

Book your first appointment as a new acupuncture appointment and, should you opt for a package, your payment for the initial meeting will be applied to the sum total rate of your package.  Prices are determined depending on complexity of need.  Plans of eight or ten can be paid in two installments.

6 treatments: Initial new patient appointment + five bodywork [& acu, if desired] treatments   + additional resources.

8 treatments: Same as above + increased access.

12 treatments:  Same as above + increased access + additional wellness services and an evolving program in response to your needs.


** Musician’s Health ** ** If you don’t want needles **

** Holistic health coaching & TCM **





Client Intake Form – Asian bodywork therapy

Before your first appointment: Save time by downloading & filling out your intake form.

Note: Both of the intake forms contain useful information.  The first is for bodywork therapy and the second is general.  Please fill out both if you are coming for bodywork only (no acupuncture).  If you are coming for acupuncture, herbs, or health coaching, please fill out only the second set of forms.


There’s so much for you in these treatments…it’s just like magic!


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