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Aching, throbbing, grinding, dull, burning…pain is different for everyone. Pain can suck up all your energy and leave you feeling exhausted, scared, and frustrated.  In some cases, it is easy to pinpoint the cause of pain, or to resolve it.  In a lot of instances, it’s not that easy at all.  You do not want to suffer any longer and you have come to the right place.

I treat pain in general with a focus on back, hip, hand, and foot pain due to:

  • Occupation: If you use your body for your life’s work, talk to me! I have considerable experience with musicians and other performing artists, hairstylists (people who need their bodies for their work and use them in specific, repetitive patterns); and with professionals and their common computer and desk work pain patterns (neck, wrists, lower back). In all groups, I’ve worked with foot pain due to any number of causes or professions;
  • Athletic injury: Weekend warriors and competitive athletes alike benefit from my services;
  • Hypermobility and EDS: I offer pain and stress treatments designed specifically for the unique needs of hypermobile or EDS individuals–ask me how!

Do you want to see a reduction in your levels of pain?  Are you ready to feel good again, and to be able to do the things you want to do, like exercise or work or even simply relax in peace?  Do you want to step lightly and with no discomfort, and do you want to use your hands gracefully and with joy once again?  Especially if your body is your source of work and creativity, you deserve a pain-free living space.

Book your first appointment and ask me about my Pain Free Living packages and plans.  While you may opt for a series of individual appointments, it can be helpful to develop a long-range plan.  If so, it is usually smarter to choose a package of treatments.  Depending on the package, you can expect an outcome that may well be life changing.

You can start by booking a new patient acupuncture appointment if you like.  We can choose your treatment strategy and apply the charge for your first appointment to the package rate selected. Packages of 8 and 10 treatments can be paid in two installments.

Package details:

** Pain Free Performing Artists ** ** Pain Free Athlete ** ** Pain Free Professional ** **Pain Free Hypermobility & EDS **




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