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Pain Free & Hypermobile/EDS

If you are on this page then you know what hypermoblity and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes entail.  You are in pain, your joints are unstable, and you probably are experiencing considerable stress and anxiety.  If you are working with comorbidity, such as POTS or MCAS, things are that much more complicated.  You are struggling within your own body and it hurts.

I don’t know how I attracted this patient population while still in student clinic but I did and I love treating you guys.  I hope to become a noted authority on the subject of TCM and EDS when all is said and done.  Meantime, I would love to see you!  I can give you gentle treatment that is appropriate for fragile tissues.  I am able to be creative and treat you via distal approaches–in fact, one of the reasons I got so good at working on feet is due to needing to treat a patient via just this location.  Their MCAS made it impossible to do otherwise.  I will find every way possible to treat your pain and anxiety in a way that works with your body.

There is a LOT that I will do for you and I will always take care so that you feel safe and comfortable.

  **Acupuncture & EDS** ** Tui na treatment & EDS **   ** EDS, health coaching services, & tui na **   **General resources for you (see links in article) **


Book your first appointment as a new acupuncture appointment and, should you opt for a package, your payment for the initial meeting will be applied to the sum total rate of your package. Prices are determined depending on complexity of need. Plans of eight or twelve can be paid in two installments.

6 treatments: Initial new patient appointment + five bodywork [& acu, if desired] treatments   + additional resources.

8 treatments: Same as above + increased access.

12 treatments:  Same as above + increased access + additional wellness services and an evolving program in response to your needs.




Client Intake Form – Asian bodywork therapy

Before your first appointment: Save time by downloading & filling out your intake form.

Note: Both of the intake forms contain useful information.  The first is for bodywork therapy and the second is general.  Please fill out both if you are coming for bodywork only (no acupuncture).  If you are coming for acupuncture, herbs, or health coaching, please fill out only the second set of forms.



EDS & Fibro: Both painful, both eased by appropriate TCM treatment


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