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Pain Free Athlete

You have an injury that aches and interferes with your training, be it running or biking or swimming or weight lifting or something other.  Is it a chronic injury?  Maybe you hurt yourself more recently but physical therapy doesn’t seem to be working for you.  There’s a mental block that accompanies your hindrance and it could be that you’ve lost your confidence and drive. You do not want to keep on feeling this way.  You want to figure out what it going on and do something about it.

I can help.  When there is an ongoing problem, it is useful to opt for a package plan. This allows me to plan ahead for your treatments, almost like I’m making a syllabus or training you for an event. We will strategize what can be done in session and I’ll give you work to do at home.  With a package, there is greater accountability to the long term goals on both sides of the equation.  You have extra access to me and to my referral network. Prices are determined depending on complexity of need.

6 treatments: Initial new patient appointment + five bodywork [& acu, if desired] treatments   + additional resources.

8 treatments: Same as above + increased access.

12 treatments:  Same as above + increased access + additional wellness services and an evolving program in response to your needs,

What can I do for you?  I started strength training when I was a teenager and my formative years were spent around competitive bodybuilders. While in my first graduate program, I trained under the direction of American powerlifter and Olympian, Paul Fleschler, and Australian Olympian runner, Shaun Creighton.  My Coach Shaun told me that I was the most competitive person he’d ever met who wasn’t an elite athlete.  I understand competition and I know what it’s like to be injured.  I know what it’s like to be determined to do whatever it takes to get healthy and back into competition or onto the field.  I will work with you and we’ll do all that we can to get you there, too.


** Spartan Race 2016 **  **Spartan Race 2017 ** **Hill Country Ride for AIDS** **Strategies for Pain**




Client Intake Form – Asian bodywork therapy

Before your first appointment: Save time by downloading & filling out your intake form.

Note: Both of the intake forms contain useful information.  The first is for bodywork therapy and the second is general.  Please fill out both if you are coming for bodywork only (no acupuncture).  If you are coming for acupuncture, herbs, or health coaching, please fill out only the second set of forms.


Traditional Chinese medical massage comes from a martial arts tradition


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