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Just like everyone, we have a web-surfing habit.  Some of the more fun sites we visit include the following: 



The Spartan Race is definitely not an online event but if you want to find one near you, learn about the race, and/or get yourself on a training program, this is the place to start.  If you want to read about my adventures in acupuncture and Spartan awesomeness, go here.



Women’s Bean Project: I won a package of Toni’s 10 Bean Soup in an online giveaway and didn’t know what to expect.  I assumed that I’d get a nice bag of beans, nothing more and nothing less.  Then the box arrived with my prize and I was impressed by the level of detail and care that went into even the packaging.  The soup–it wasn’t just some beans, though that would have been very nice in and of itself–was wrapped in purple and green tissue paper so I felt like I was opening a gift.  And then the beans in the package are layered in a pleasing way so that it looks like one of those terrarium gardens with strata of different colors.  The attached tag explained that this bag was lovingly handmade by someone named Rebbie and yes, I believe that the soup mixture was definitely made with love–everything was so carefully and attractively arranged.  Someone thought about this product and clearly meant for it to be pleasing to its consumer.  I felt the heart and hard work in this package even before I opened it and was so touched!  Then when I made the soup, I was completely won over.  It is DELICIOUS!  My kitchen smelled warm and inviting all day long after I cooked and the large pot of soup lasted a couple days.  At this, I felt compelled to go online to find out more about the business.  I did so and was left very impressed by their vision and their imprint on society and on these women.  Beautiful!  I wish them all the best and am so appreciative of the wonderful soup that they sent me.

The Women’s Bean Project’s tagline is “where a woman earns her future” and their products, created by women who are working their way out of poverty and social challenges, can be found in retail stores and online.



Hylete: This is a great online source for workout apparel.  They are also running an online competition for charity that benefits any one of the five charities listed below–you follow through on your end of the competition and they give money to the charity of your choice!

31Heroes is honoring our nation’s military by raising money and awareness to support the families of fallen soldiers and honoring their legacy by funding the treatment of TBI/PTSD.

Back on My Feet uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves so they can make a real change in their lives that result in employment and independent living.

O.U.R. undercover teams of former CIA and Special Operations personnel go into the darkest corners of the world to help liberate children living as slaves.

NBCFs mission is to help women in need by providing support services and education for early breast cancer detection including high-quality mammograms and regular clinical breast exams.

Scratch My Belly is dedicated to saving animals from high kill shelters, working with several rescue groups to rehabilitate and re-home animals in need.


Homesick Texan: I became quite attached to the Homesick Texan while teaching at Bucknell University.  Even though I’m back in Texas, I still appreciate the recipes on this site.



The Badger’s Sett: This is a blog written by brilliant and incisive friend of mine. Her views are her own and she sets them forth in a raw, honest, and thought-provoking way.



FEED: I am never without my FEED bag and when I wear one out, I just turn right around and buy another. I’ve been carrying FEED bags for years. Each purchase supports a given number of meals for hungry people world over. Although the original impetus for FEED projects seems to have been Africa, this organization supports impoverished New Yorkers, disaster survivors in areas like the Philippines and Haiti and Japan, and other worthy causes. Purchasing and carrying a FEED bag or backpack is both fashionable and an act of love.  One of the co-founders, Ellen Gustafson, wrote a book that I review in a blog post, here, that I love and think that everyone should read–it’s that good!



L.G. TumbletownLiz Galvao’s blog is funny. I especially love her posts regarding Anthropologie furniture. (Ok, ok, I admit it–I have a couple pieces of Anthro furniture…!)


Ediblearia.com: This is a really nice web site for foodies who are interested in down-to-earth commentary about whole foods and sustainable practices.


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