Holistic Wellness in Austin, TX

Credentials, Disclaimer, and Before our First Meeting

There are three elements to this page: information regarding credentials; a disclaimer; and information regarding what to do to save time before our first meeting.  Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the information that you will want to access before our first meeting.




Certified health coach (specialty certification: sports nutrition)

AOBTA-CP certified Asian bodywork therapist (Chinese/Tui na-style)

Certified cupping therapist

Certified personal trainer

Certified yoga instructor (RYT-200)

Level II certified Reiki practitioner

Current holistic wellness experience:

–Private clients

–Red Cross tui na volunteer: Hurricane Harvey command center/Austin Convention center (2017)

–Field acupuncture at the Austin TX Spartan Race (2016 and 2017)

–Asian bodywork therapy volunteer: 2016 Hill Country Ride for HIV/AIDS

–Yoga and meditation events at the Austin Mount Zion Church

–Group yoga for veterans and family classes at the Samaritan Center of Austin, TX

Continuing Education:

 Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification: ACE specialty certificate (completed 6/13/17)

Acupuncture in the Medical Reserve Corps Training: Seminar led by Steve Shomo at AOMA (2016)

Sports Injury. Acupuncture seminar taught by Dr. Yongxin Fan at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. Austin, TX. (April 19-20, 2014; repeated in 2016)

CPR/AED certification. Westlake Firehouse/American Red Cross (March 2016)

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Anti-Aging & Face Care: Seminar taught by Dr. Jamie Wu at AOMA (2015)

Cosmetic acupuncture training & certification (Mei Zen Face, Neck, and Abdominal Protocols): Seminar at AOMA taught by Martha Lucas (2015)

Yoga as Medicine. Two-day workshop taught by physician and medical editor of Yoga Journal, Timothy McCall, MD, at Yoga Yoga. Austin, TX (October 2014)

Building Resilience: Yoga for the Nervous System. Seminar.  AOMA: Community continuing education. Austin, TX (July 27, 2013)

Warriors at Ease, Module II: Advanced Teaching Skills for Addressing Combat-Related Issues. Week-long, hands-on training for yoga instructors of injured service members and veterans. Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY (Fall 2012)

Warriors at Ease, Module I: Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga & Meditation in Military Communities. Webinar (Fall 2012)

Yoga Warriors International teaching certification. Central Massachusetts Yoga. West Boylston, MA (Fall 2012)


–Graduate student, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (Clinical intern)

–Considerable experience in strength training, including four years of employment as a strength training consultant at Indiana University

–Elected Representative: Advisory Board, Graduate Student Fitness/Wellness Issues. School of Health, Physical Ed, Recreation, Indiana University

Other (scholarly career):


Ph.D. Hispanic Literature. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

M.A. Hispanic Literature. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

M.A. Italian Literature. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

B.A. Comparative Literature and Italian. University of California, Santa Barbara, CA (With Honors)

Work experience:

University-level teaching of Spanish (literature, culture, and language) and Italian (primarily language). 1993-2011 (various institutions)



Paula highly values education.  She strives to provide the best, the most comprehensive, and the safest bodywork and/or fitness/wellness strategies and protocols to her clients. At present, she is not a licensed healthcare provider; this will occur following graduation from AOMA.  Please know that any information on this web site is for educational purposes only.  Paula is experienced in the realm of fitness/wellness and her credentials are solid, but please know that Paula will offer suggestions for referrals to licensed medical care providers if warranted so as not to exceed her scope of practice when providing bodywork or coaching and/or training clients.  In addition, it is the client’s responsibility to obtain necessary medical clearances as appropriate before beginning an exercise routine.

Two Hearts Wellness does not accept paid advertising.


Before our First Meeting

Before our first meeting, there are a couple things to do so that we can begin right away and not spend our time together filling out paperwork.

1.  For at least three days (but ideally a week) before the first meeting, please keep a short daily record of your activities and food intake.  We will look at this during our first meeting.  This information will help us to help you decide if you might make some dietary changes (or maybe see a nutritionist if there are special needs).  It will help us to know what your day looks like so that we can design your program so that it fits into your schedule.  We can also make your program in direct response to what you do in your life; for instance, if you sit for long hours, we know just the stretching for you, while if you are up and down all day, there are other avenues that will suit you just right.  Your diary should give us a good idea about what your life is really like for this reason.  One-half page to one page at maximum with dietary intake and daily activities is perfectly sufficient for this purpose.

2. Your safety and health are our very first concern.  We highly recommend a doctor’s screening before beginning a fitness program.  With or without an MD’s screening, we request certain information (that will be kept private) and the acknowledgment that you know what you are doing when you begin a fitness session or set of sessions.  We will happily discuss the material on the attached document with you, either before or during our first meeting, if you have any questions or concerns.


Client Intake Form – Asian bodywork therapy

Two Hearts Wellness™ _Par-Q_Release_of_liability


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