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Asian Bodywork (Chinese style tui na) 12987217_1716738145273242_357275112121748714_n

Most people are familiar with shiatsu or Thai massage…but have you tried Chinese tui na? This is a great modality that is akin to massage but also like having an acupuncture treatment without needles. For stress, fatigue, muscle ache, insomnia, and other ailments…or for fun things like facial rejuvenation, tui na is magical. I wrote the article you see here on the cover of Try Acupuncture! and would love to introduce you to tui na or, if you’ve already tried this style, to give you one of the best (if not the best) treatment you have ever had.

Options include- $100 per session (75 minutes) – $85.00 per session (60 minutes)  – Facial rejuvenation treatments $100 per treatment (60 minutes) or $800.00 (Series of ten treatments purchased as a package)

Note: If you would like to discover more about the benefits of facial rejuvenation treatments, click here.


Before coming to your appointment you are welcome to download and fill out to the best of your ability the attached client intake form:

Client Intake Form – ABT


~~Other services~~

Cupping, Gua sha, and/or Moxibustion – $50/half hour – $75.00/full hour

Cupping is a form of deep tissue therapy.  Plastic or glass cups are applied to specific regions of the skin to create suction that restores the flow of blood, fluid, and Qi to restore health and stimulate healing processes.  Either by increasing the suction or by gently moving the cups in a gliding motion, this therapy loosens tight muscles, increases circulation, and draws out stagnant toxins, thereby leaving the body relaxed and rejuvenated.

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese modality in which oiled skin is lightly scraped to produce bruise-like markings (“sha”).  This modality stimulates blood flow, releases heat, and relaxes muscles.

Moxibustion is a type of heat therapy.  Burning herbs are held near the skin to warm and invigorate Qi and to dispel pathogenic influences.  This therapy is excellent for sore muscles and general body aches in particular. (Available only in my South office location).

Reiki – $50/half hour; $75/full hour

This modality promotes stress reduction and relaxation and supports overall health.  Reiki can be an effective complement to conventional touch therapy care and is useful for anyone who is seeking a calming, gentle, and soothing treatment.



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From my heart to yours…Asian bodywork therapy is a true joy

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