Holistic Wellness in Austin, TX

Why Two Hearts Wellness?

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Choosing a name for one’s business is fraught, indeed.  Put simply: health, of course, is key to what this holistic wellness lifestyle service offers.  But “two hearts” . . . not three or four or one?

I chose two hearts on some levels out of sheer quirkiness.  Memories of Chris Isaak’s song “Two Hearts” played a great part in this decision; so did a lingering attachment to U2’s “Two Hearts Beat as One.”

In my previous career I studied both Spanish and Italian literature and language.  I studied Peninsular Spanish and US Latino and Latin American literature and culture.  I have lived much of my life in a state of Spanglish, with two languages creating a third, the one with which I expressed my heart.  Now I am learning Chinglish (such a versatile language, English, and how gracefully and with such flair does it fold into and be folded in by other languages) and my heart’s horizons expand that much more.

Forcefulness and yielding; yin and yang; scholarly inquiry into the Humanities and the honor of healing of actual humans … all things that are this or that (and, ultimately, this and that).  I have two hearts, the heart of a scholar and the heart of a physician.

And you?  What do you love best when you think about health, wellness, smartness, and personal achievement?  What would you like to add to your thought processes and daily actions in order to make your practice that much more wonderful?  What would you like to discover and create and nourish?

Coaching and self-study, strength training and cardio.  Yoga and meditation.  What about hands-on bodywork and/or Reiki?  Either, all, or any of these elements.  Of them (or do you want all of them?), what is it that you might take from the philosophy and practice of Two Hearts Wellness?


Two Hearts Wellness is a local holistic health and wellness outfit with a passion for all things 2hw.v2nourishing, including but not limited to: joyful living, great food, art, and literature, and–of course–traditional Chinese medicine.  If you want to learn more about me, click here and do feel free to follow my blog, connect with me on Facebook, or contact me here to set up an appointment for personal training or health coaching services.  If you are interested in Asian bodywork therapy, click here to book an appointment online.


2 hearts wellness on stone 5-14 (3)2 hearts wellness on stone 5-14 (2)


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